5.6. Lagra fil

The Save command saves your image to disk in XCF format. For other image file formats you should use the Export command. If you try to save to a format other than XCF, you get an error message:

This Extension Mismatch dialog contains a link that opens the Export Image dialog. Please see Del 1.1, «Lagra og eksportere bilete».

If you have already saved the image, the previous image file is replaced with the current version. If you have not already saved the image, the Save command opens the Save Image dialog.

Dersom du avslutter utan å ha lagra biletet, vil GIMP spørje deg om du verkeleg meiner å gjere slik dersom valet «Bekreft lukking av ulagra bilete» er avkryssa i fana Systemresursar i brukarinnstillingane.

Figur 15.91. Lagra biletdialogen

Lagra biletdialogen

5.6.1. Aktiver dialogen

  • Du har tilgang til denne kommandoen frå biletmenyen via FilLagra,

  • eller med snarvegen Ctrl + S

  • Bruk Ctrl + Shift + S for å lagra biletet med eit anna namn.

5.6.2. Dialogvindauget for lagring

With this file browser, you can edit the filename directly in Name textbox (default is «Untitled.xcf») or by selecting a file in Name list. We repeat that only XCF format is permitted. You must also fix the image destination in Save in Folder. You can create a new folder if necessary.

Vel filtype.  If you expand this option at the bottom of the dialog, you can select a compressed format for your XCF file.