8.5. Use GEGL

GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) is a graph based image processing framework that will be used in all GIMP-3.0. With GEGL, the internal processing is being done in 32bit floating point linear light RGBA. By default the legacy 8bit code paths are still used, but a curious user can turn on the use of GEGL for the color operations with this option.

In addition to porting color operations to GEGL, an experimental GEGL Operation tool has been added, found in the Tools menu. It enables applying GEGL operations to an image and it gives on-canvas previews of the results.

[Avís] Avís

Please note that GIMP remains 8-bits until GEGL covers the whole application.

8.5.1. Activating the option

You can access this option from the image menubar through ColorsUse GEGL. Clicking on this item toggles the use of GEGL.