5.10. Spherize

5.10.1. Visão geral

This filter creates a kind of bubble whose size is that of the image or selection, as if the content was wrapped around a sphere.

Figura 17.70. Spherize filter example, with default values

Spherize filter example, with default values

Imagem original

Spherize filter example, with default values

Spherize filter applied

5.10.2. Iniciando o filtro

You can find this filter through FiltersDistortsSpherize…

5.10.3. Opções

Figura 17.71. Spherize filter options

Spherize filter options

Presets, Preview, Split view
[Nota] Nota

These options are described in Seção 2, “Common Features”.

  • Radial is the default mode. See example above.

  • Horizontal: as if image was mapped on a vertical cylinder.

  • Vertical: as if image was mapped on a horizontal cylinder.

Angle of view

Camera angle of view (0 - 180°)


Spherical cap angle, as a fraction of the co-angle (complement angle) of view. Result is less domed as curvature decreases (100% - 0).


Interesting for negative values, which result in a hollow instead of a bump (from 1.000 to -1.000).

Resampling methods

These interpolation methods are described in Interpolação.

Use the selection as input, Use the entire layer as input

These options are common to GEGL-based filters. Please refer to Seção 2, “Common Features”.

5.10.4. Using Spherize filter

Drawing a selection before applying filter allows you to create another shape, such as a sphere: select Ellipse tool with the Fixed option checked; draw a circle; apply Spherize filter with the Use the selection as input selected. Invert selection and fill it with wanted background.