2. Common Features

With GIMP-2.10, GEGL has been applied to most filters. These filters have some options in common:

Figura 17.1. Filters Common Options

Filters Common Options


Filters presets are different from tool presets.

  • A text box to enter a preset name or choose it in a drop down list.

  • A icon to save current settings as named preset.

  • A icon to manage preset.


When this option is checked (default), changes in image are directly displayed in canvas. They are not applied to the image until you click on the OK button.

Split view

When this option is checked, the image view is divided in two parts, filter applied on the left, filter not applied on the right.

Click-and-drag this split line to move it, and Ctrl-click it to make it horizontal.

Use the selection as input

If this option is selected, the filter uses pixels in selection only.

Use the entire layer as input

If this option is selected, selection contents is made from the entire layer. The layer outside the selection remains normal.