4.12. Spiegelen

Afbeelding 14.157. Flip tool

Flip tool

The Flip tool provides the ability to flip layers or selections either horizontally or vertically. When a selection is flipped, a new layer with a Floating Selection is created. You can use this tool to create reflections.

4.12.1. Activating the Tool

You can access the Flip Tool in different ways:

  • From the image menu bar Tools/ Transform Tools Flip,

  • By clicking the tool icon: in Toolbox,

  • by using the Shift+F key combination.

4.12.2. Toetsencombinaties (Standaard instellingen)


Ctrl lets you change the modes between horizontal and vertical flipping.

4.12.3. Opties

Afbeelding 14.158. Flip Tool Options

“Flip Tool” Options

Gereedschap opties van je actieve gereedschap worden normaliter getoond in een venster onder de gereedschapskist. Als dat venster er niet is kun je hem oproepen via het menu VenstersDokbare VenstersGereedschap Opties dat de opties van het actieve gereedschap laat zien.

[Opmerking] Opmerking

These options are described in Transform tools common options.

Flip Type

The Tool Toggle settings control flipping in either a Horizontal or Vertical direction. This toggle can also be switched using Ctrl.

[Opmerking] Opmerking

These options are described in Transform tools common options.

Using Guides

With GIMP-2.10, you can use guides as flipping axis, instead of the default layer center: place a guide, open Flip tool and click on the guide.

On the left: original image with a guide activated.

On the right: result with Clipping option = Clip.