8.37. Alien Map

8.37.1. Overview

Figure 16.218. Alien Map filter example

“Alien Map” filter example

Original image

“Alien Map” filter example

Filter applied with default settings

This filter heavily distorts image colors by applying trigonometric functions to map color values.

8.37.2. Activating the filter

This filter is found in the image window menu under ColorsMapAlien Map.

8.37.3. Options

Figure 16.219. The Alien Map Dialog

The “Alien Map” Dialog


Presets are a common feature for several Colors commands. You can find its description in Section 8.1.1, “Colors Common Features”.

Color Model

The Color Model used for the transformation. Choices are RGB (default) and HSL (Hue, Saturation and Lightness).

The chosen Color Model changes the next settings.

Red frequency, Green frequency, Blue frequency, Hue frequency, Saturation frequency, Lightness frequency

These sliders determine the frequency multiplier for each component in the color transformation.

Red shift, Green shift, Blue shift, Hue shift, Saturation shift, Lightness shift

These sliders and angle selectors determine how much of a phase shift from one component to another will be done for the chosen input component.

Keep Red component, Keep Green component, Keep Blue component, Keep Hue component, Keep Saturation component, Keep Lightness component

These checkboxes allow you disable one or more of the components from being changed. Any component checked here will not be changed by the filter.

Blending Options, Preview and Split view

These are common features described in Section 8.1.1, “Colors Common Features”.