4.5. Noise Reduction

4.5.1. Wirkungsweise

A simple GEGL filter to reduce noise.

4.5.2. Filteraufruf

You can find this filter through FiltersEnhanceNoise Reduction….

4.5.3. Eigenschaften

Abbildung 17.34. Eigenschaften für das Filter »Deinterlace«

Eigenschaften für das Filter »Deinterlace«

Presets, Preview, Split view

These options are common to GEGL-based filters. Please refer to Abschnitt 2, „Gemeinsame Funktionsmerkmale“.


Increasing Strength lessens noise, and increases blur: find compromise using the on-canvas preview.


The result of this filter can be larger than the original image. With the default Adjust option, the layer will be automatically resized as necessary when the filter is applied. With the Clip option the result will be clipped to the layer boundary.

4.5.4. Beispiel


Filter applied. Strength = 5