14.11. Bayer Matrix

14.11.1. Wirkungsweise

Abbildung 17.352. Example for the Bayer Matrix filter

Example for the Bayer Matrix filter

Bayer Matrix filter applied with Scale X, Y = 20

A grand-sounding name for a simple filter. Bayer matrix is related to ordered dithering, which is an image dithering algorithm used to display a continuous image on a display of smaller color depth. The algorithm reduces the number of colors by applying a threshold map known as Bayer matrix (Wikipedia). The present filter uses the Bayer matrix only to create a pattern.

14.11.2. Filteraufruf

You can find this filter in the image menu through FiltersRenderPatternBayer Matrix…

14.11.3. Eigenschaften

Abbildung 17.353. Bayer Matrix filter options

„Bayer Matrix“ filter options

Presets, Preview, Split view
[Anmerkung] Anmerkung

These options are described in Abschnitt 2, „Gemeinsame Funktionsmerkmale“.



X Scale, Y Scale

Horizontal, Vertical pattern size.




Reflect the pattern horizontally.







X, Y Offset