16.9. Roca esbocinada

16.9.1. Overview

Figura 17.389. Exemple del filtre Roca esbocinada

Exemple del filtre Roca esbocinada

Filtre Roca esbocinada

Exemple del filtre Roca esbocinada

Logotip Roca esbocinada

This filter adds a chipped woodcarving effect to the alpha channel of the active layer. Optionally it adds a drop shadow to the image. The content of the active layer doesn't matter, only the shape of its alpha channel does.

[Avís] Avís

The image will always be resized to the active layer's size.

The filter is derived from the Chip Away Script-Fu script (FileCreateLogosChip Away), which creates a text logo with the effect shown above.

16.9.2. Activa el filtre

This filter is found in the image window menu under FiltersAlpha to LogoChip Away….

16.9.3. Opcions

Figura 17.390. Chip Away options

Chip Away options

Quantitat de bocins

This option lets you vary the size of chipping area. But note that Chip amount is not the size of this area in pixels. It is used as the maximum amount pixels are randomly spread by the Spread filter applied to the bump map. Valid range is 0-200.

Figura 17.391. Chip amount examples

Chip amount examples


Chip amount examples


Chip amount examples


Chip amount examples


Nivell de difuminat

The specified value will be passed as Radius option to the Gaussian blur filter, which will blur the bump layer by this amount.


If checked, the bump map will be inverted and will create hollows instead of bumps, which makes the image looking carved.

Figura 17.392. Chip Away inverted example

Chip Away inverted example

Inverted, (without drop shadow)


If checked, a Drop shadow will be added to the image in a new layer below the active layer.

Conserva la capa del relleu

By default, the bump map used to create the chipping effect will be removed after applying the filter. When this option is checked, the bump map will be kept as an invisible layer.

Omple el fons amb un patró

If checked, the background layer (added by the filter) will be filled with the specified Pattern. Otherwise, it will be filled with white.

Manté el fons

Whether or not to remove the background layer. This option is checked by default. You can, of course, remove this layer (or toggle its visibility) later in the Layers dialog.


This option consists of a preview area, which will produce a popup preview when you click on it and hold down the mouse button, and a Browse button. The button will popup a dialog where you can select patterns.

The default pattern is Burlwood. Apart from that one, the plug-in author suggests the patterns Dried mud, 3D Green, and Slate:

Figura 17.393. Suggested Chip Away patterns

Suggested Chip Away patterns

Dried mud

Suggested Chip Away patterns

3D Green

Suggested Chip Away patterns


16.9.4. Detalls de filtre

To achieve a chipping effect, the filter...

  1. ...creates a selection from the alpha channel in a new layer,

  2. omple la selecció amb blanc,

  3. spreads the pixels,

  4. and applies a Gaussian blur to the layer.

  5. Then it uses this layer as a Bump map, creating a 3D effect.