16.3. Lluentor estil Àlien

16.3.1. Overview

Figura 17.376. Exemple del filtre Lluentor estil Àlien

Exemple del filtre Lluentor estil Àlien

Filtre Lluentor estil Àlien

Exemple del filtre Lluentor estil Àlien

Logotip Lluentor estil Àlien

This filter adds an eerie glow around the active layer's alpha.

The filter is derived from the Alien Glow script (FileCreateLogosAlien Glow in the image window), which creates a logo with the above text effect.

[Avís] Avís

The image will always be resized to the active layer's size.

16.3.2. Activa el filtre

You can find this filter in the image window menu under FiltersAlpha to LogoAlien Glow….

16.3.3. Opcions

Figura 17.377. Opcions de Lluentor estil Àlien

Opcions de Lluentor estil Àlien

Mida de la lluentor (píxels * 4)

This is actually the font size option of the Alien Glow Script-Fu script. However, two values will be set in relation to this size: the glow will be enlarged by Glow size / 30, and feather radius is Glow size / 4. You should probably choose the height of your objects for this option (ignore pixels * 4).

Color de la lluentor

This is the color of the eerie glowing. Of course it defaults to green (63,252,0), but a click on the swatch button brings up the color selector where you can choose any color.

16.3.4. Detalls de filtre

Reproducing an eerie alien glow is easy:

  • If necessary, create a selection from the alpha channel of the active layer.

  • Fill the selection with the following Gradient Blend: Shape = Shaped (spherical); Gradient = FG to BG (RGB), with FG = dark gray (79,79,79), BG = black.

  • Create a new layer (Alien Glow) below. Extend the selection slightly, feather it, and fill it with the Glow color.

  • Crea una nova capa de fons plena amb negre.