8. Färg-menyn

8.1. Introduction to the Colors Menu

Figur 16.143. Contents of the Colors Menu

Contents of the ”Colors” Menu

This section describes the Colors menu, which contains commands that affect the color of the image.

[Notera] Notera

Förutom de kommandon som beskrivs här kan du också hitta andra poster i menyn. De är inte en del av GIMP utan har lagts till av tillägg (insticksmoduler). Du kan hitta information om funktionaliteten för en insticksmodul genom att se dess dokumentation.

8.1.1. Colors Common Features


The button opens a menu:

Figur 16.144. Preset Menu

Preset Menu

which lets you Import Settings from File or Export Settings to File, and gives you access to the Manage Save Settings dialog:

Figur 16.145. Manage saved Settings Dialog

Manage saved Settings Dialog

Preview and Split view
  • Preview: this option is checked by default and displays changes directly on canvas.

  • Split view: if this option is checked, the image window is divided in two parts. Changes appear in the left part and the right part remains unchanged for comparison.