12.5. Apie

Komanda Apie parodo langą Apie, kuriame rodoma informacija apie jūsų naudojamą programos GIMP versiją ir ją sukurūsius autorius.

This dialog also shows the Check for updates button that you can use to manually check whether you have the latest version of GIMP. If you have enabled automatic update checking, then this box may show you that a new version of GIMP is available. In that case the button will allow you to go to the newest download for GIMP.

12.5.1. Activating the About Command

  • You can access this command in the image menu through HelpAbout

12.5.2. Dialogo lango aprašymas

Pav. 16.275. Dialogo langas Apie

Dialogo langas „Apie“

The Credits button shows a list of people that have contributed to GIMP as developers, documenters and artists.

The License explains how to get the license.