14.5. Cell Noise

14.5.1. Généralités

Generates a cellular texture. Results don't depend on the image you opened.

Filter applied with default options: scale=1.000 shape=2.000 rank=1

14.5.2. Activation du filtre

This filter is found in the image window menu under FiltersRenderNoiseCell Noise….

14.5.3. Options

Figure 17.327. « Cell Noise » filter options

Cell Noise filter options

Presets, Preview, Split view, Use selection as input
[Note] Note

These options are described in Section 2, « Options communes ».


Scale of the noise function: works like a zoom.


Interpolates between Manhattan and Euclidean distance: (1.000 to 2.000). Lower values give four spikes stars nuclei to cells. Upper values give circular nuclei.

Shape = 1.000


Selects the n-th closest point: (1-3). Cells are elongated.

Rank = 2


The number of noise octaves.


Fills each cell with a random color.