13.4. Traza Fractal

13.4.1. Visión general

Figura 17.290. Traza Fractal

Traza Fractal

Imagen original

Traza Fractal

Filtro Traza fractal aplicado

Este filtro transforma la imagen con un fractal Mandelbrot: mapea la imagen al fractal.

13.4.2. Activar el filtro

Este filtro se encuentra en FiltrosMapaTraza fractal….

13.4.3. Opciones

Figura 17.291. Opciones del filtro Traza fractal

Opciones del filtro Traza fractal


Tipo de fractal

You choose between Mandelbrot and Julia.

X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Profundidad

These parameters are similar to Left, Right, Top, Bottom and Iterations parameters of the Fractal Explorer filter. They allow you to vary fractal spreading and detail depth.


Julia's options: TODO

Longitud del rescate


Política del abismo

Mapping image to fractal may reveal empty areas. These options allows you to set displacement behavior on active layer or selection edges. They are described in Política del abismo


The result of this filter can be larger than the original image. With the default Adjust option, the layer will be automatically resized as necessary when the filter is applied. With the Clip option the result will be clipped to the layer boundary.