8.54. Smooth Palette

8.54.1. Overview

图 16.249. Example for the Smooth Palette filter

Example for the “Smooth Palette” filter

Original image

Example for the “Smooth Palette” filter

Filter Smooth Palette applied

It creates a striped palette from colors in active layer or selection. The main purpose of this filter is to create color-maps to be used with the Flame filter.

[注意] 注意

This command only works on RGB images. If the image is Grayscale or Indexed, the menu entry is disabled.

8.54.2. Activating the filter

This filter is found in the image window menu under ColorsInfoSmooth Palette.

8.54.3. Options

图 16.250. Smooth Palette options

“Smooth Palette” options

Parameter Settings

You can set palette dimensions for Width and Height. Dimensions are linked when chain is not broken. You can also select unit.

Search Depth

Increasing Search Depth (1 - 1024) will result in more shades in palette.