8.54. Colorize

The Colorize tool renders the active layer or selection into a greyscale image seen through a colored glass. You can use it to give a «Sepia» effect to your image. See Цветовая модель for Hue, Saturation, Luminosity.

8.54.1. Activating tool

You can get to the Colorize tool in two ways:

8.54.2. Параметры

Рисунок 16.240. Colorize options

Colorize options


You can save the color settings of your image by clicking the Add settings to favourites button

The button opens a menu:

Рисунок 16.241. Preset Menu

Preset Menu

which lets you Import Settings from File or Export Settings to File, and gives you access to the Manage Save Settings dialog:

Рисунок 16.242. Manage saved Settings Dialog

Manage saved Settings Dialog

Select Color
  • Hue: The slider and the numeric text box allow you to select a hue in the HSV color circle (0 - 360).

  • Saturation: The slider and the input box allows you to select a saturation: 0 through 100.

  • Lightness : The slider and the text box allow you to select a value: -100 (dark) through 100 (light).


The Preview button makes all changes dynamically so that they can be viewed immediately.