2.9. Digital photography improvements

Some of the new GEGL-based filters are specifically targeted at photographers: Exposure, Shadows-Highlights, High-pass, Wavelet Decompose, Panorama Projection and others will be an important addition to your toolbox.

On top of that, the new Extract Component filter simplifies extracting a channel of an arbitrary color model (LAB, LCH, CMYK etc.) from currently selected layer. If you were used to decomposing and recomposing images just for this, your work will be that easier now.

Moreover, you can now use either darktable or RawTherapee as GIMP plug-ins for opening raw digital photos. Any recent version of either application will do.

A new Clip Warning display filter will visualize underexposed and overexposed areas of a photo for you, with customizable colors. For now, it’s mostly geared towards images where colors are stored with floating point precision. You will mostly benefit from this if you work on 16/32 bit per channel float images such as EXR and TIFF.

Contributors: Michael Natterer, Ell, Thomas Manni, Tobias Ellinghaus, Øyvind Kolås, Jehan Pagès, Alberto Griggio…