2.12. File formats support

GIMP is now capable of reading and writing TIFF, PNG, PSD, and FITS files with up to 32-bit per channel precision where applicable.

The PSD plug-in additionally supports pass-through, hard mix, pin light, vivid light, and linear light blending modes.

GIMP now also ships with native WebP support, including features like animation, ICC profiles, and metadata. Both importing and exporting are supported.

The JPEG 2000 plug-in was rewritten to use the OpenJPEG library rather than the somewhat obsolete Jasper library.

Finally, the PDF plug-in now supports importing password-protected files (you need to know the password) and exporting multipage PDF documents (each layer will be a page).

Contributors: Michael Natterer, Mukund Sivamaran, Ell, Jehan Pagès, Lionel N, Darshan Kadu…