2.15. Simplified bug reporting and crash recovery

We need good bug reports to make GIMP better for you, so we introduced a new feature to watch and intercept critical errors and crashes, then generate a useful error log that you can copy/paste to a bug report.

On development versions, the dialog will be raised on all kind of errors (even minor ones). On stable releases, it will be raised only during crashes. The default behavior can be customized in EditPreferencesDebugging.

Please note that we still need you to provide context, e.g. what you were doing when a crash occurred. A step-by-step description of how to reproduce this bug will be most helpful.

Additionally, in case of a crash, GIMP will now attempt to backup all images with unsaved changes, then suggest to reopen them the next time you start the application.

We cannot guarantee 100% success, but it will succeed sometimes, and this might rescue your unsaved work!

Contributors: Jehan Pagès…