2. Script-Fu スクリプトを使用

2.1. Script-Fu とは?

Script-Fu scripts are similar to very powerful macros that you may be familiar with from other programs. Script-Fu is based on an interpreted language called Scheme, and works by using functions that interact with GIMP's internal functions. You can do all kinds of things with Script-Fu, but an ordinary GIMP user will probably use it for automating things that:

  • 繰り返しの操作

  • 実に複雑で覚えるのが大変な操作

Remember that you can do a whole lot with Script-Fu. The scripts that come with GIMP can be quite useful, but they can also serve as models for learning Script-Fu, or at least as a framework and source of modification when you make your own script. Read the Script-Fu Tutorial in the next section if you want to learn more about how to write your own scripts.

最も役立ちそうなスクリプトをこの章でとりあげてゆきますが、 すべては網羅しきれません。 掛け値なしにたくさんのスクリプトがあるからです。 スクリプトによっては非常に簡素なつくりをしていて、 何も取扱説明書がなくても使えるようなものもあります。