4.9. 3D Transform

The 3D Transform tool allows you to change the perspective of a layer and to move it in 3D space. You can set a vanishing point, then rotate the layer in X, Y, an Z axes.

It offers the usual option dialog under Toolbox and an on-canvas settings dialog.

4.9.1. Werkzeugaufruf

Sie haben verschiedene Möglichkeiten, dieses Werkzeug zu aktivieren:

  • From the image-menu: ToolsTransform Tools3D Transform

  • The Tool can also be called by clicking the tool icon in Toolbox:

  • or by clicking on the Shift+W keyboard shortcut.

4.9.2. Eigenschaften

Abbildung 14.144. 3D Transform Tool Options

3D Transform Tool Options

The available tool options can be accessed by double clicking the Unified Transform tool icon:

Geteilte Einstellungen
[Anmerkung] Anmerkung

See Abschnitt 4.1, „Allgemeine Eigenschaften“ for a description of tool options that apply to many or all transform tools:

Unified interaction

This option allows shifting the vanishing, as well as panning and rotating without switching between tabs on the on-canvas settings dialog.

Constrain axis (Shift)

When you press Shift, the present transformation axis becomes fixed in preview.

Z axis (Ctrl)

When you press Ctrl, transformation is done around the Z axis.

Local frame (Alt)

This option allows controlling the transformation in the layer local frame of reference (the current layer), instead of the global one (all layers).