16.7. Bovination

16.7.1. Overview

그림 17.384. Example for the Bovination filter

Example for the Bovination filter

Bovination applied

This filter adds cow spots to the active layer alpha channel.

[주의] 주의

The image will always be resized to the active layer's size.

16.7.2. Activate the filter

You can find this filter in the image window menu under FiltersAlpha to LogoBovination….

16.7.3. Options

그림 17.385. Bovination options

Bovination options

Spots density X, Spots density Y

The horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) spots density will be used by the Solid Noise filter as X Size and Y Size options. So these values range from 1 to 16, with high values resulting in many spots in the respective dimension, low values resulting in few spots.

그림 17.386. Spots density examples

Spots density examples

Maximum X density, minimum Y density

Spots density examples

Maximum Y density, minimum X density

Background Color

This is the color used to fill the Background layer; it defaults to white. When you click on the color button, you may choose any other color in the color selector dialog.

16.7.4. Filter details

The filter fills the alpha channel with Solid Noise:

... and maximizes the Contrast:

Besides, the filter adds a Blur layer as a light gray shadow and uses this layer as a Bump Map. Finally a (by default) white Background layer is added below.

So the filter will end up with these layers:[19]

[19] If the active layer is not the top layer, it might happen that the filter messes up the layers. Then you will have to raise the active layer.