16.5. Basic I & II

16.5.1. Overview

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Examples for the Basic filters

Basic I

Examples for the Basic filters

Basic II

These filters add a gradient effect to the alpha channel of active layer as well as a drop shadow and a background layer.

The Basic II also adds a highlight layer.

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The image will always be resized to the active layer's size.

The filters are derived from the Basic I and Basic II logo scripts (see FileCreateLogos), which draw a text with the filter effect, e.g.

The Basic I logo script.

16.5.2. Activate the filter

You can find the filter in the image window menu under FiltersAlpha to LogoBasic I… and FiltersAlpha to LogoBasic II….

16.5.3. Options

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Basic filter options

Basic I options

Basic filter options

Basic II options

Background color

This color is used to fill the background layer created by the filter. It defaults to white. When you click on the color swatch button, a color selector pops up where you can select any other color.

Text color

The name of this option refers to the text color of the logo scripts that were mentioned above. Here this color — by default blue (6,6,206) for Basic I and red (206,6,50) for Basic II — sets the basic color of the gradient effect: this is the color the alpha channel will be filled with before the gradient effect will be applied.

16.5.4. Filter details

You can reproduce the gradient effect manually by using the Blend tool with the following options:

  • Mode: Multiply,

  • Gradient: FG to BG (RGB), where FG is white and BG is black,

  • Offset: 20,

  • Shape: Radial,

  • Dithering: checked.