7.6. Sobel

7.6.1. Overview

Figure 17.148. Applying example of the Sobel filter

Applying example of the Sobel filter

Original image

Applying example of the Sobel filter

Filter Sobel applied

Sobel's filter detects horizontal and vertical edges separately on a scaled image. Color images are turned into RGB scaled images. As with the Laplace filter, the result is a transparent image with black lines and some rest of colors.

7.6.2. Activating the filter

You can find this filter through FiltersEdge-DetectSobel….

7.6.3. Options

Figure 17.149. Sobel filter options

Sobel filter options


If checked, changes in the image are displayed in the Preview in real time before being applied to the image.

Sobel horizontally

Renders near horizontal edges.

Sobel vertically

Renders near vertical edges.

Keep sign of result

This option allows you to set how the filter will work if you have selected one direction for use only: a flat relief with bumps and hollows will be created.