5.2. Editor del valor predefinit de l'eina

Figura 15.73. The Tool Preset Editor

The Tool Preset Editor

5.2.1. Activating the Dialog

You can access this dialog through:

  • a click on the Edit this tool preset button in the button bar of the Tool Presets Dialog.

  • a double-click on a preset icon in the Tool Presets Dialog.

  • a right-click on a preset in the Tool Presets Dialog to open a context menu and then click on the Edit Tool Preset command.

5.2.2. Using the Tool Preset Editor

You can edit presets you have created only; all options of predefined presets are grayed out and disabled.

In this dialog you can:

  • edit preset name in text box,

  • change preset icon by clicking on preset icon. This opens a window where you can choose a new icon.

  • select resources to be saved by clicking on check boxes.