3.7. Elimina els ulls vermells

3.7.1. Overview

Figura 17.27. Example for the Red Eye Removal filter

Example for the Red Eye Removal filter

Original image

Example for the Red Eye Removal filter

Red Eye Removal applied

The aim of this filter is - guess what - to remove red eyes from an image. Before applying the Red Eye Removal you must do a selection (lasso or elliptical) of the boundary of the iris of the eye(s) having a red pupil. After only you can apply the filter on this selection. If you don't make this selection, the filter inform you that : Manually selecting the eyes may improve the results.

3.7.2. Activating the filter

This filter is found in the image window menu under FiltersEnhanceRed Eye Removal….

3.7.3. Opcions

Figura 17.28. Red Eye Removal options

Red Eye Removal options


If you check Preview you can see the modifications in real-time in the preview window. And you can choose the good value of threshold compared with what you see, and then validate it.

Llindar blanc i negre

If you move the cursor of threshold the amount of red color to eliminate will vary.