2.4. Different Kinds Of Script-Fus

There are two kinds of Script-Fus:

Standalone Script-Fus

You will find the standalone variants under FileCreateType of Script in the image menubar (see the figure below).

Figura 13.1. Script-Fus by category

Script-Fus by category

Image-dependent Script-Fus

Menus have been reorganized. A new Colors-menu appears. It groups together all scripts that work on colors, for example tools that adjust hue, saturation, lightness..., filters...etc. Filters-menu and Script-Fu-menu are merged in one Filters-menu and it is organized according to new categories. Image-dependent Plug-ins and Script-Fus are now disseminated in the image-menus. For example, Color to Alpha filter is in Colors-menu. At the beginning, it's disconcerting, but you finish to get used to this because it's more logical.

The figure below show where you can find them in the image-menu.

Figura 13.2. Where find Image-dependent scripts

Where find Image-dependent scripts