16.14. Frosty

16.14.1. Overview

Figure 16.372. Example for the Frosty filter

Example for the “Frosty” filter

The Frosty filter applied

Example for the “Frosty” filter

The Frosty logo

This filter is derived from the Frosty logo script (FileCreateLogosFrosty in the image window), which creates a frozen logo like the example above.

The filter adds this frosty effect to the alpha, that is the area of the active layer defined by the non-transparent pixels (think of it as a selection by visibility). The filter effect will always be applied according to the alpha values.

[Note] Note

Unlike the most alpha to logo filters, the Frosty filter will not resize the image to the active layer's size.

16.14.2. Activate the filter

This filter is found in the image window menu under FiltersAlpha to LogoFrosty.

16.14.3. Options

Figure 16.373. Frosty options

“Frosty” options

Effect size (pixels)

Figure 16.374. Effect size examples

“Effect size” examples

Effect size 10

“Effect size” examples

Effect size 200

“Effect size” examples

Effect size 400

Background color

This color is used to fill the background layer created by the filter. It defaults to white. When you click on the color button, a color selector pops up where you can select any other color.