4.6. Erase Every Other Row

4.6.1. Overview

Figure 16.43.  Example for the Erase Every Other row filter

Example for the “Erase Every Other row” filter

Original image

Example for the “Erase Every Other row” filter

Erase Every Other row applied

This filter not only can erase each other row or column of the active layer but also can change them to the background color.

4.6.2. Activating the filter

This filter is found in the image window menu under FiltersDistortsErase Every Other Row.

4.6.3. Options

Figure 16.44. Erase Every Other row options

“Erase Every Other row” options

These options are self-explanatory. Only one remark: if the active layer has an Alpha channel, erased rows or columns will be transparent. If it doesn't have an Alpha channel (then its name is in bold letters in the Layer Dialog), the Background color of the toolbox will be used.