11.2. Add Bevel

11.2.1. Overview

Figure 16.213. Example for the Add Bevel filter

Example for the “Add Bevel” filter

Original image, the colored rectangle is selected

Example for the “Add Bevel” filter

Add Bevel applied

This filter adds a slight bevel to an image using a bump map (see below). If there is a selection, it is bevelled, otherwise the filter has no effect.

Figure 16.214. Another Add Bevel example, with bumpmap

Another “Add Bevel” example, with bumpmap

Original image

Another “Add Bevel” example, with bumpmap


Another “Add Bevel” example, with bumpmap

Filter applied

11.2.2. Activate the filter

You can find this filter in the image window menu under FiltersDecorAdd Bevel.

11.2.3. Options

Figure 16.215. Add Bevel options

“Add Bevel” options


You can specify the thickness of the bevel, in pixels. Maximal thickness is 30 pixels.

Work on copy

By default the filter creates a copy and bevels this copy. This is one more open window on your desktop. However, since you can undo the filter effect you may also uncheck this option and work on the original image.

Keep bump layer

When checked, you will keep the generated bumpmap as a new, not visible layer (below the layer dialog):