6.7. Spread

6.7.1. Overview

Figure 16.134. Example of applying the Spread filter

Example of applying the Spread filter

Original image

Example of applying the Spread filter

Filter Spread applied

The Spread filter swaps each pixel in the active layer or selection with another randomly chosen pixel by a user specified amount. It works on color transitions, not on plain color areas. No new color is introduced.

6.7.2. Activate the filter

You can find this filter through FiltersNoiseSpread.

6.7.3. Options

Figure 16.135. Spread filter options

“Spread” filter options


This preview displays interactively changes before they are applied to the image.

Spread Amount

You can set the distance that pixels will be moved along Horizontal and Vertical axis. The axis can be locked by clicking the Chain icon. You can also define the Unit to be used.