8.26. Mono Mixer

8.26.1. 概述

图 16.198. Mono-mixer applied

Mono-mixer applied


Mono-mixer applied

Command Mono-mixer applied with default options.

8.26.2. 激活命令

  • You can find this command in the image window menu under ColorsComponentsMono Mixer….

8.26.3. 选项

图 16.199. Mono Mixer command options

“Mono Mixer” command options

Presets, Preview, Split view

These options are common to GEGL-based filters. Please refer to 第 2 节 “Common Features”.

Preserve luminosity

Calculations may result in too high values and an image too much clear. This option lessens luminosities of the color channels while keeping a good visual ratio between them. So, you can change the relative weight of the colors without changing the overall luminosity.

Red Channel Multiplier, Green Channel Multiplier, Blue Channel Multiplier

Coefficient applied to each channel. Values range from -5.000 to 5.000. As default values are equal in the three channels, image is grayed out.

8.26.4. Using Channel Mixer