5.4. Error Console

The Error console offers more possibilities than the single «GIMP Message». This is a log of all errors occurring while GIMP is running. You can save all this log or only a selected part.

5.4.1. Activating the Dialog

The «Error Console» dialog is a dockable dialog; see the section Розділ 2.3, «Dialogs and Docking» for help on manipulating it.

You can access it:

  • from an image menu: WindowsDockable DialogsError Console;

  • from the Tab menu in any dockable dialog by clicking on and selecting Add TabError Console.

5.4.2. The «Error Console» Dialog

Рисунок 15.81. «Error Console» Dialog window

«Error Console» Dialog window

Clear errors

This button lets you delete all errors in the log.

[Застереження] Застереження

You can't «undo» this action.

Save all errors

This button lets you save the error log to a file. A dialog window Save Error Log to File lets you choose the name and the destination directory of this file.

You can also select a part of the log (by click-and-dragging the mouse pointer or by using the Shift+arrow keys key combination) and save only this selected part by pressing the Shift key while pressing the button.

Рисунок 15.82. «Save Error Log to file» Dialog window

«Save Error Log to file» Dialog window

[Підказка] Підказка

You will as well find these button actions in the dialog tab menu by clicking on , or in the context menu you get by right-clicking on the dialog window.

5.4.3. The «Error Console» context menu

Рисунок 15.83. «Error Console» context menu

«Error Console» context menu

Besides the functions mentioned above using the buttons, the context menu has the following additional actions. You can access the context menu by right clicking in the error console.

Select All

This command allows you to select all the messages in the log.


This command allows you to change which kind of messages will highlight the error console. You can enable or disable the following three kinds of messages: Errors, Warnings, and Messages.