3.7. Circular Motion Blur

3.7.1. Översikt

Figur 17.22. The Circular Motion Blur filter

The Circular Motion Blur filter


The Circular Motion Blur filter

Blur applied

This filters creates a circular blur around a center. The default center is the center of the layer or selection. You can set center somewhere in the layer and this center is applied to the layer or to a selection if it exists.

3.7.2. Alternativ

Figur 17.23. Circular Motion Blur filter options

”Circular Motion Blur” filter options

Presets, Preview, Split view

These options are common to GEGL-based filters. Please refer to Avsnitt 2, ”Gemensamma funktioner”.

Center X, Center Y

Here, you can set the rotation center. Sliders and spin buttons control the position of rotation center on horizontal and vertical axis. You can also click on the rectangle button with an arrow on the right and then click on the image to pick coordinates.


More Angle will result in more blurring in a circular direction.


Resultatet av detta filer kan vara större än originalbilden. Med alternativet Justera kommer lagret automatiskt att ändra storlek som nödvändigt när filtret tillämpas. Med alternativet Klipp kommer resultatet att klippas till lagergränsen.

On-canvas controls

This option (default) allows you to modify blur settings directly on canvas, for easier visual tweaking of blur settings. It displays a line with handle on both ends to move rotation center and transform.

Press Alt key to only move rotation center without transforming.

Press Ctrl key to rotate by 15° steps.