13.4. Fractal Trace

13.4.1. Översikt

Figur 17.291. Fractal Trace

Fractal Trace

Ursprunglig bild

Fractal Trace

Filter Fractal Trace applied

This filter transforms the image with the Mandelbrot fractal: it maps the image to the fractal.

13.4.2. Aktivera filtret

This filter is found in the image window menu under FiltersMapFractal trace….

13.4.3. Alternativ

Figur 17.292. Fractal trace filter options

”Fractal trace” filter options


Fractal type

You choose between Mandelbrot and Julia.

X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Djup

These parameters are similar to Left, Right, Top, Bottom and Iterations parameters of the Fractal Explorer filter. They allow you to vary fractal spreading and detail depth.


Julia's options: TODO

Bailout length


Abyss policy

Mapping image to fractal may reveal empty areas. These options allows you to set displacement behavior on active layer or selection edges. They are described in Abyss policy


Resultatet av detta filer kan vara större än originalbilden. Med alternativet Justera kommer lagret automatiskt att ändra storlek som nödvändigt när filtret tillämpas. Med alternativet Klipp kommer resultatet att klippas till lagergränsen.