5.20. Zavihaj

5.20.1. Pregled

Slika 17.106. Example for the Page Curl filter

Example for the Page Curl filter


Example for the Page Curl filter

Filter Page Curl applied

This filter curls a corner of the current layer or selection into a kind of cornet showing the underlying layer in the cleared area. A new Curl Layer and a new Alpha channel are created. The part of the initial layer corresponding to this cleared area is also transparent.

5.20.2. Aktiviranje filtra

This filter is found in the image window menu under FiltersDistortsPage Curl….

5.20.3. Možnosti

Slika 17.107. Možnosti


Položaj zavihka

You have there four radio buttons to select the corner you want raise. The Preview is redundant and doesn't respond to other options.

Smer vihanja

Horizontal and Vertical refer to the border you want raise.

Senca pod zavihkom

This is the shadow inside the cornet.

Barve ospredja / ozadja, Trenutni preliv, Trenutni preliv (obratni)

This option refers to the outer face of the cornet.


Refers to the visibility of the layer part underlying the cornet. It may be set also in the Layer Dialog.