8.58. Hot…

8.58.1. Pregled

This command identifies and modifies pixels which might cause problem when displayed onto PAL or NTSC TV screen.

8.58.2. Aktivirajte ukaz

You can access the command from the image menu bar through ColorsHot….

This command only works on images in RGB mode, and only if the active layer does not have an alpha channel. Otherwise the command is disabled.

8.58.3. Možnosti

Slika 16.251. Hot options

“Hot” options


You have to select the TV mode: PAL or NTSC.


Izberete lahko:

  • Zmanjšaj svetlost

  • Zmanjšaj nasičenost

  • Blacken: this changes hot pixels to black.

Ustvarite novo plast

With this option, work is performed on a new layer instead of the active layer. This will give you peace of mind!