4.10. Odstrani trakove

4.10.1. Pregled

It is used to remove vertical stripes caused by poor quality scanners. It works by adding a pattern that will interfere with the image, removing stripes if setting is good. This negative pattern is calculated from vertical elements of the image, so don't be surprised if you see stripes on the preview of an image that has none. And if pattern strength; is too high, your image will be striped.

If, after a first pass, a stripe persists, rectangular-select it and apply filter again (all other selection type may worsen the result).

4.10.2. Aktiviranje filtra

You can find this filter through FiltersEnhanceDestripe….

4.10.3. Možnosti

Slika 17.48. Destripe filter options

“Destripe” filter options


If checked, parameter setting results are interactively displayed in preview. Scroll bars allow you to move around the image.

Ustvari histogram

This histogram is a black and white image showing the interference pattern more legibly.


Slider and input box allow to set strength of filter (2-100): more than 60 is rarely necessary and may create artifacts.