8.6. Nasičenost

Another way to modify saturation. Clear explanations about chroma and saturation can be found at https://ninedegreesbelow.com/photography/changing-saturation-using-lch-chroma.html

[Opomba] Opomba

This command does not work on Grayscale images. If the image is Grayscale, the menu entry is disabled.

8.6.1. Activating the Command

You can get to the Saturation dialog through: ColorsSaturation…

8.6.2. Možnosti

Slika 16.154. Saturation Options

Saturation Options


Presets are a common feature for several Colors commands. You can find its description in Razdelek 8.1.1, “Colors Common Features”.


This option gives more or less saturation.

Interpolation Color Space

This option determines in which color space the saturation computations are done. You can choose from Native, which means the color space of the image (default), CIE LAB/Lch, and CIE Yuv.

Blending Options, Preview and Split view

These are common features described in Razdelek 8.1.1, “Colors Common Features”.