11.4. Kubizem

11.4.1. Pregled

Slika 17.203. Example for the Cubism

Example for the “Cubism”

Original image

Example for the “Cubism”

Filter Cubism applied

The Cubism plug-in modifies the image so that it appears to be constructed of small squares of semitransparent tissue paper.

[Namig] Namig

If setting possibilities of this filter are not enough for you, see GIMPressionist filter which offers more options.

11.4.2. Aktivirajte filter

You can find this filter through FiltersArtisticCubism…

11.4.3. Možnosti

Slika 17.204. Cubism filter options

“Cubism” filter options

Presets, Input Type, Clipping, Blending Options, Preview, Split view
[Opomba] Opomba

These options are described in Razdelek 2, “Common Features”.

Velikost tlakovcev

This variable determines the size, in pixels, of the squares to be used. This is, in effect, the size of the little squares of tissue paper used in generating the new image. The slider can be used, the exact pixel size can be entered into the text box, or the arrow buttons can be used.

Nasičenost tlakovcev

This variable specifies how intense the color of the squares should be. This affects the opacity of the squares. A high value will render the squares very intensely and does not allow lower squares to show through. A lower value allows the lower squares to be more visible through the higher ones and causes more blending in the colors.

Background color

This allows you to change the background color that is used by this filter. You can click the color bar to select a color, or use the color picker to pick a color from your image.

Random seed

The randomness in this filter is based on a so-called seed. Different seeds will cause the output of the filter to change. You can change the seed until you find a preview that you like.

[Namig] Namig

If you are using this to generate background images for web pages and the like, work with a small range of colors painted randomly on a small square. Then apply the Cubism filter with the desired settings. As a last step, try Tile Seamless to adjust the image so it will tile seamlessly in your background.