5.10. Spherize

5.10.1. Общая информация

This filter creates a kind of bubble whose size is that of the image or selection, as if the content was wrapped around a sphere.

Рисунок 17.70. Spherize filter example, with default values

Spherize filter example, with default values

Исходное изображение

Spherize filter example, with default values

«Spherize» filter applied

5.10.2. Активация фильтра

You can find this filter through FiltersDistortsSpherize…

5.10.3. Параметры

Рисунок 17.71. «Spherize» filter options

Spherize filter options

Presets, Preview, Split view
[Замечание] Замечание

These options are described in Раздел 2, «Common Features».

  • Radial is the default mode. See example above.

  • Horizontal: as if image was mapped on a vertical cylinder.

  • Vertical: as if image was mapped on a horizontal cylinder.

Angle of view

Camera angle of view (0 - 180°)


Spherical cap angle, as a fraction of the co-angle (complement angle) of view. Result is less domed as curvature decreases (100% - 0).


Interesting for negative values, which result in a hollow instead of a bump (from 1.000 to -1.000).

Resampling methods

These interpolation methods are described in Интерполяция.

Use the selection as input, Use the entire layer as input

These options are common to GEGL-based filters. Please refer to Раздел 2, «Common Features».

5.10.4. Using Spherize filter

Drawing a selection before applying filter allows you to create another shape, such as a sphere: select Ellipse tool with the Fixed option checked; draw a circle; apply Spherize filter with the Use the selection as input selected. Invert selection and fill it with wanted background.