6.8. Long Shadow

6.8.1. Overview

This GEGL-based filter was added in GIMP 2.10.6. It simplifies creating long shadows in several visual styles.

6.8.2. Activate the filter

You can find this filter in the menu through FiltersLight and ShadowLong Shadow….

This filter requires that the selected layer has an alpha channel.

6.8.3. Options

Fig. 17.125. Long Shadow filter options

„Long Shadow” filter options

Presets, Input Type, Blending Options, Preview, Split view
[Notă] Notă

Aceste opțiuni sunt descrise în Secțiune 2, „Caracteristici obișnuite”.

Original: the text layer is Menus/layer/Layer to Image Size

You can use different styles Finite that is default, Infinite, Fading, and Fading (fixed length).

Fig. 17.126. Style option examples

„Style” option examples
Finite (default)
„Style” option examples
„Style” option examples
„Style” option examples
Fading (fixed length); length = 30


Shadow angle, in degrees.

Angle = 110°

Shadow length, in pixels. Only available when Style is set to Finite or Fading (fixed length).

Length = 30

Shadow fade midpoint. Only available when Style is set to Fading or Fading (fixed length).


The Output composition selects how the output of this filter will be determined. There are three choices:

  • Shadow plus image will output both the input image and the created shadow. This is the default.

  • Shadow only will output only the created shadow.

  • Shadow minus image will output the created shadow but subtracts the area hidden by the image.

Fig. 17.127. Composition option examples

„Composition” option examples

Shadow only

„Composition” option examples

Shadow minus image


Rezultatul acestui filtru poate fi mai mare decât imaginea originală. Cu opțiunea implicită Ajustează, stratul va fi automat redimensionat după cum este necesar când filtrul este aplicat. Cu opțiunea Taie rezultatul va fi tăiat la limita stratului.