4.4. High Pass

4.4.1. Overview

In sound processing, a high-pass filter filters high frequencies above a threshold. In digital images, frequency refers to sudden changes in brightness or color in neighboring pixels. The High Pass filter filters high essential details, and larger scale gradients are removed. This result, combined with the original image and "Soft Light" or "Hard Light" merge mode, is used to sharpen images. It enhances fine details.

4.4.2. Activating the filter

You can find this filter through FiltersEnhanceHigh Pass….

4.4.3. Options

Fig. 17.33. High Pass filter options

„High Pass” filter options

Presets, Preview, Split view

These options are common to GEGL-based filters. Please refer to Secțiune 2, „Caracteristici obișnuite”.

Std. Dev.

Increasing this Standard Deviation lowers the filter threshold and more image details are taken in account for treatment.


Increase/Decrease contrast of treated details.


Rezultatul acestui filtru poate fi mai mare decât imaginea originală. Cu opțiunea implicită Ajustează, stratul va fi automat redimensionat după cum este necesar când filtrul este aplicat. Cu opțiunea Taie rezultatul va fi tăiat la limita stratului.

4.4.4. Using High Pass Filter

Procedură 17.1. Sharpening

  1. Open your image:

  2. Duplicate layer:

    This duplicate layer becomes the active layer.

  3. Open High Pass filter.

  4. Change mode to soft-light (try Hard-light also).

  5. Settings and on-canvas view