3.5. Mean Curvature Blur

3.5.1. 概観

Regularize geometry at a speed proportional to the local mean curvature value: this filter uses the mean curvature algorithm to blur the image preserving edges.

The Mean Curvature algorithm is described on Wikipedia.

3.5.2. フィルターの呼び出し方

You can find this filter in the image menu under FiltersBlurMean Curvature Blur…

3.5.3. オプション

図17.16 Mean Curvature Blur filter parameters

「Mean Curvature Blur」 filter parameters

Presets, Input Type, Clipping, Blending Options, Preview, Split view
[注記] 注記

These options are described in 「Common Features」.


Increasing Iterations increases blur.

3.5.4. Examples


Iterations = 4

Mean Curvature Blur can be used to denoise an image:

図17.17 Mean Curvature Blur to denoise

Mean Curvature Blur to denoise


Mean Curvature Blur to denoise

Iterations = 9