6.8. Long Shadow

6.8.1. 概観

This GEGL-based filter appeared with GIMP-2.10.6. It simplifies creating long shadows in several visual styles.

6.8.2. フィルターの呼び出し方

You can find this filter in the image menu menu through FiltersLight and ShadowLong Shadow….

This filter is normally disabled. You must add an Alpha channel to your image to use it.

6.8.3. オプション

図17.124 Long Shadow filter options

「Long Shadow」 filter options

Presets, Preview, Split view
[注記] 注記

These options are described in 「Common Features」.

Original: the text layer is Menus/layer/Layer to Image Size

You can use different styles Finite that is default, Infinite, Fading, and Fading (fixed length).

図17.125 Style option examples

「Style」 option examples
Finite (default)
「Style」 option examples
「Style」 option examples
「Style」 option examples
Fading (fixed length); length = 30


Shadow angle, in degrees.

Angle = 110°

Shadow length, in pixels

Length = 30

Shadow plus image is default.

図17.126 Composition option examples

「Composition」 option examples

Shadow only

「Composition」 option examples

Shadow minus image


The result of this filter can be larger than the original image. With the default Adjust option, the layer will be automatically resized as necessary when the filter is applied. With the Clip option the result will be clipped to the layer boundary.