2. Workflow

2.1. Writing

The language is English (USA).

To edit XML files, use your preferred text editor (this guide's author prefers the free editor Kate). You must set the editor for:

  • English-US language.

  • Indent with 2 spaces (the Tab key must move pointer by two spaces).

  • Replace tabs with spaces (for compatibility with all text editors and web browsers).

  • 80 characters per line.

  • Automatic spell checking with English (USA) for default language.

Source files are written in the XML language according to the DocBook DTD. DocBook specifications can be found at https://tdg.docbook.org/tdg/4.5/docbook.html.

Don't be afraid. We don't use all these items and you will learn XML progressively reading existing XML files. For new files, please use the templates you can find in the gimp-help/docs/templates folder.

[注記] 注記

If you write a new file, you must add it in the src/gimp.xml file, or in the XML file that calls it (for example, the src/menus/edit.xml file calls undo.xml, redo.xml, fade.xml... and so on).