6.24. Zealous Crop

The Zealous Crop command crops an image using a single solid color as a guide. It crops the edges, as with the Autocrop command, but it also crops the areas in the middle of the image which have the same color (at least, in principle).

[Figyelem] Figyelem

Please note that Zealous Crop crops all of the layers, although it only analyzes the active layer. This may lead to a loss of information from the other layers.

6.24.1. Example

16.84. ábra - Zealous Crop Example

„Zealous Crop” Example

Original image

„Zealous Crop” Example

Autocrop applied

„Zealous Crop” Example

Zealous Crop applied

6.24.2. Activate the Command

  • You can access this command from the image menu bar through ImageZealous Crop.