11.10. Pixels-aquarelle

11.10.1. Généralités

Waterpixels is a filter based on superpixels and the watershed transformation. These algorithms are used to divide images in regions with similar color values.

[Note] Note

This filter can be slow to update on larger images.

11.10.2. Ouverture du filtre

This filter can be found in the menu under FiltersArtisticWaterpixels….

11.10.3. Options

Figure 17.217. Options du filtre « Pixels-aquarelle »

Options du filtre « Pixels-aquarelle »

Presets, « Input Type », Clipping, Blending Options, Preview, Split view
[Note] Note

Ces options sont décrites dans Section 2, « Options communes ».

Taille des superpixels

The size of the area used to pick a value from. Larger values means you will get less color regions.

Régularité du dégradé

The smoothness of the gradient used in the computation. Higher values have less irregular borders.

Régularisation spatiale

Specifies how regular the regions should be. Low values are irregular. The higher the value, the more the regions start looking like squares.

Couleur des superpixels

This selects how to choose the color for each region. By default Average is used. Which takes the average color of the pixels in the region. The other option is Random, which uses a random color.