8.35. Rearrange Colormap

شكل 16.214. The Rearrange Colormap window

The “Rearrange Colormap” window

This command allows you to re-organize colors in the palette of indexed images. It doesn't modify the image. You can't add or remove colors; for that, see The Indexed Palette Dialog .

[ياداشت] ياداشت

If your image is not indexed, this command is disabled.

8.35.1. Activating the Dialog

You can access this command in two ways:

  • from the main menu: ColorsMapRearrange Colormap.

  • from the Colormap Dialog using the right-click context menu Rearrange Colormap.

8.35.2. Using the Rearrange Colormap dialog

You can drag and drop colors using the mouse to rearrange the colormap. You can sort colors based on Hue, Saturation and Value by using the right-click pop-up menu.

شكل 16.215. The Rearrange Colormap context menu

The “Rearrange Colormap” context menu

[نکته] نکته

Another way to sort a colormap is by using the Sort Palette... context menu command available in the Palettes Dialog.