4.12. Grow

The Grow command increases the size of a selection in the current image. It works in a similar way to the Shrink command, which reduces the size of a selection.

4.12.1. Activating the Command

You can access this command from the image menubar through SelectGrow.

4.12.2. Description of the Grow Selection dialog

Figure 16.37. The Grow Selection dialog window

The “Grow Selection” dialog window

Grow selection by

You can enter the amount by which to increase the selection in the text box. The default unit of measurement is pixels, but you can choose a different unit by using the drop-down menu.

4.12.3. A Peculiarity of Rectangular Selections

When you grow a rectangular selection, the resulting selection has rounded corners. The reason for this is shown in the image below:

Figure 16.38. Why growing a rectangular selection results in rounded corners

Why growing a rectangular selection results in rounded corners

If you do not want rounded corners, you can use the Rounded Rectangle command with a 0% radius.